Wedding Photography
"We are a master of creating fresh, creative, spontaneous and exciting photography"

Wedding photography is about capturing imagery, with an art of storytelling while being imaginative and spontaneous. At AK Photography, we master this art of creatively clicking pictures to frame beautifully each of the precious moments of life. We specialize in capturing special occasions like wedding, parties and other special occasions.

With over a decade of experience, candid photographer Ashpak Killedar has mastered the art of photography, by blending into the occasion and capturing the right moments at the right time. He provides the essential refreshingly contemporary approach to wedding photography.

A K Photography offers its exclusive services in cities like Gadhinglaj, Chandgad, Ajhara, Kolhapur, Sangli, Sankeshwar, Belgaum, Pune, Mumbai etc.

"Our wedding photography is to capture the life-precious moments for you to cherish forever"

Creating moments of surprise and happiness, we at AK Photography believe in blending with the background of the ongoing event or ceremony and creating beautiful candid photographs by documenting what may be around them. We believe in capturing golden images of family, friends, relationship and beauty of ceremonies as a celebration to life that may be taken in an instance but surely cannot be easily forgotten.

"We capture each of your golden moment by being the epitome of imagination and spontaneity"

A K Photography services in a wedding photography include two major styles of capturing weddings. First being the traditional photography, the second being the contemporary fashion based wedding photography.